Bespoke Investment Research: When you want it, the way you want it.

All transactions and investment decisions, big or small, need to be backed by a variety of analyses and inputs. With over 15 years of experience in servicing global bulge & boutique institutions; Quick IR is an on-demand solution for small and mid-sized financial institutions to access high quality financial research that is routine yet critical.

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Why Quick IR?

Bespoke research, customized

No contracts or annual commitments. Order only the research you need now.

Cost Effective

Benefit from the same quality of research that large banks have access to, without burning deep holes in your pockets.

Time Sensitive

The world is moving at a pace like never before. We deliver all requests in a manner that complements your decision making pace.

Research Variety

Browse through a variety of custom research products relevant for small or big ticket transactions. If you need it, we will deliver it!

Hassle Free

Check samples of research product before you decide. Want customization, talk to us. Order on the go!

Our Experience

We are backed by Aranca, a global research & analytics firm with 15+ years of servicing institutions around the world, from bulge bracket firms to F500 enterprises.

How Does It Work?

Quick IR in Numbers

Quick IR, an Aranca offering, is a preferred platform for institutions around the world when time is of the essence.
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